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This information is for Classifieds listing in the print edition of Natural Awakenings of East Michigan magazine.

Here is an example classified listing, at the base length (information for example purposes only, extra words available):

SEEKING COMPASSIONATE HELP to provide support and companionship and emotional help for terminally ill patients throughout Lapeer, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee. 123-456-7890.

Classified advertising is one of the most common forms of advertising. It is economical, doesn't require additional costs for layout and design and, for many businesses and/or individuals, a great way to put repetition to work by reaching our niche audience of health-conscious readers each month.

This mode of promoting one's product, service or practice can also be used in tandem with other classified listings under different categories as well as other methods of advertising and promotion in the same publication. Each of the different ads will have a uniquely different approach to draw attention from a particular type of reader, where another approach won't have the attraction.


Most classified advertisers, however, will run a single listing over a period of 6-12 months to get a good feel for the response, perhaps tweaking the ad every couple of months based on feedback from the responses received. A well-designed classified ad, although lacking in the pizzazz and sizzle that can be created with display advertising, can be good for many types of products and services other than those typically placed in newspapers for used items, cars, household goods, etc.


Exceptions to this would be listings for single-sale items, help wanted, business space to sell/rent, etc. 

Like any advertising, a well designed approach for a product or service of value, reaching the right audience at the right time, can work. That's where Natural Awakenings' classifieds comes in. We have a wide distribution to a very specific audience.


Our publication reaches readers in Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Genesee and Lapeer counties in Michigan. 


The rates are based on a placement with a minimum 22 words (approximately 160 characters, using our program word-counter). Classified listings may be run for any length of time with discounts for 3 and/or 6 month commitments. 12 month discounts are available by request. 


While we have an ongoing list of regular departments, new departments can be created, within reason. If you have a listing and don't believe it fits in one of our existing department, let us know and we'll consider a new departmental heading.


Natural Awakenings Print Classified rates

• 22 words for 1 month: $99 total

Note: Minimum: 22 words is roughly 160 letters, spaces and punctuation words using our average of approximately 7 characters/spaces per word). See example above. 
• Extra words: $1 per word x number of months placed.


NOTE: Our Online Submission Form will automatically calculate your rate, based on the number of words you enter, then show discounts available for 6 and 12 month placements. 


Special Savings/Discounts:

• Run for 3 consecutive months: $74 per month (25% discount)
• Run for 6 consecutive months: $59 per month (40% discount)


• Minimum listing includes up to 22 words, up to approximately 160 characters, spaces and punctuation (using our word-calculator on the form). Length beyond that is subject to extra word charges.
• Natural Awakenings will CAPITALIZE AND BOLD the first few words of the first line (see magazine for examples). 

• Use short, complete sentences that are easy to understand.

• Use action words that relate to the benefits of the product or service.

• Don't make unrealistic claims.

• Make it easy to understand what is being advertised.

• Don't make it hard to contact you!

• Get ideas from classifieds that have been (or seen) running for some time, whether in our publication or other, similar print media...they are probably working.

1. Submit your listing to us by using the "Submit Online" link on the right menu or at the bottom of this page.

2. Let us know how long you wish to run your listing.  

3. We will email you back with a link for you to pay online using your credit card.

4. All classified placements are prepaid.

Not into online submissions? Then... 

1. Email your listing to us (see item 1 and 2 above).

2. We will email you back the verified word count/cost.

3. Print out the email we return to you, and mail it, by the 12th of the month prior to publication, along with a check for payment in full to:

Natural Awakenings Classifieds

P.O. Box 283

Oxford, MI 48371

Classifieds must be prepaid unless committing for longer than 6 months, in which case we accept bi-annual payment by credit card only.

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We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements contained on this website, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised.

The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your medical professional.

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