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The best value of any local resource guide or directory.

The Natural Awakenings Natural Directory is a community resource guide of businesses and practitioners from our region in categories related to natural health, wellness, fitness, kids' health, green living/sustainability, nutrition, organics and even healthy pet themes. 

 Powerfully connecting readers to the leaders in naturally healthy living and sustainability.
Natural Networking at its best!

Example ChiropracticDirectory 202010Listings in the Natural Directory are categorized by business type or modality, alphabetical and can be constructed in a variety of flexible ways with the option to add additional address lines and description words, all depending on your needs and budget.

One of the most powerful uses of a Natural Directory listing is the exposure the listing brings you each and every month for your product or service. Studies have shown that repetition is by far the number one most effective marketing strategy for branding and direct response (getting readers to call you). 

Note: To help celebrate launching our new Online Natural Directory, which is embedded in this website, all advertisers in the "print" Natural Directory automatically receive a complementary "Gold Package" online Natural Directory listing. Once your print listing is submitted, we'll contact you separately for information needed in the online version. Haven't seen it yet? Click here to check it out.

Create the Natural Directory listing that best fits your needs:

Natural Directory Listing (in print) options and pricing:

• Category Title. (included at no charge): You can select an existing category that fits your product or service best, or, if one does not yet exist, contact us about creating one for you. Note: Choices subject to approval.
• Business Name Line: Maximum 30 characters and spaces
• Address/Contact Info Lines: 
3 lines - maximum 40 characters and spaces each. Extra lines available for $7 each per month
• Descriptive area/verbiage: 
30 words. Extra words available for $1 each per month
• Color Photo or Logo:
Included in listing, but photo or logo supplied by client

Pricing: $189/month (open rate)1

  12 consecutive months: $99 per month (saves $100/month / 53% discount)2
    6 consecutive months: $149 per month 
(saves $40/month / 21% discount)1

1 Listings for less than 6 months are not available except for occasional special departmental/themed sections, which are priced at the "Open rate" or other special offer to run for one month. 

Your 12 month listing in our print/magazine Natural Directory also includes a listing in our online Natural Directory at no additional charge.

Note: The Natural Directory listing is only $49 per month when your listing is placed with your display ad each month (a display ad is a graphical advertisement that is business card size or larger).

Other benefits and considerations

1. Do you have seminars, workshops or other events to promote each month? Is the admission $45 or less or even FREE?

Then, your Natural Directory listing would, in essence, be FREE, because along with your listing, you're entitled to two COMPLEMENTARY listings in the Calendar of Events EACH MONTH (for events with and admission of up to $45).

Example: Since the open rate for calendar listings is $49/each per month, that's a savings of $49/month for each calendar listing, or $98/month. If you're placing the Natural Directory for 12 months, at a price of $89/month, then you actually save $9/month ($49 x 2 = $98 less $89). The savings on the Calendar of Events listings actually pays for your Natural Directory listing!

2. If you also advertise a business card-size or larger display ad in our magazine, along with. the Natural Directory, you can combine your complementary calendar listings with the number received each month for the display ad...meaning you can run more calendar listings each month...and save even more! 

3. With your Natural Directory placement, you're entitled to place a NewsBrief announcement every 6 no charge. (two per year for 12 month listings, one with the 6 month listing). For an example, NewsBriefs are typically placed starting on page 7 each month. For more information on submitting NewsBriefs, click here.

3. If you need to run a Premium Mark Your Calendar (used for calendar events with admission greater than $49 and/or those needing a website or email address in the calendar listing) you also receive the advertiser's 50% discount off the posted rates for the Mark Your Calendar listing. 

4. You can also receive 50% off any website advertising on the website. (contact us for details).

Get seen twice each month. When you run a Natural Directory listing with your ad, the rate is reduced to $49/month, saving you $130 over the open rate. 

So it provides you TWO separate "ads" in the same issue. 

One with the visual attractiveness of display-designed advertising; and the other with an informational, directory-styled approach. 

If you place both types we direct the reader to your display ad by placing the page number at the end of your directory no additional charge. 

That way, if the reader somehow misses your display ad in the body of the magazine, they will be referred back to it when viewing your Natural Directory listing.

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We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles and advertisements contained on this website, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised.

The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always seek the advice of your medical professional.

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