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Regenerative Medicine
Wide Variety of Services All In One Location

by Darla Nagel

"Dr. Andrey" Lutskovsky, M.D., DO

Quality medical care does not always require the latest technology, but it does require curiosity and a trusting relationship between practitioner and patient. Andrey Lutskovsky, M.D., DO (“Dr. Andrey”), founder of American Regenerative Clinic, in Bingham Farms, is driven by curiosity in his quest to care for each patient based on his or her individual needs and history. Born in Ukraine, Dr. Andrey earned his first medical degree and was a surgeon for years there before coming to the United States and earning his second degree in osteopathic medicine. He had decades and breadth of medical experience, including as a paramedic and nurse’s assistant, before opening American Regenerative Clinic.

Who Benefits from Regenerative Medicine?
Regenerative medicine is about renewing health fully in all aspects of life through alternative modalities. It’s applicable to patients at any age. Dr. Andrey says, “Everybody deserves to get regenerative medicine at any stage of their life.” It can relieve joint, muscle and nerve pain; improve bowel function; and enable patients to perform activities and sports they previously were unable to, among other benefits. For medical emergencies, patients should still go to the closest urgent care center or emergency room.

Patients should expect regenerative medicine to take time but to allow them to live life better than when they arrived at the clinic. “It’s a long process. It doesn’t just take one visit,” Dr. Andrey says. “It is not an injection clinic, where patients get 'miracle shots.’” In fact, American Regenerative Clinic also uses stem cells, health coaching, functional medicine, ozone therapies, laser therapies, holistic skin care and more to meet patients’ needs and improve their lives.

As oxygen is central to life, it is central to American Regenerative Clinic. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, multi-pass high-dose ozone therapy and extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation are all offered. These safe, effective procedures increase oxygen and ozone in the body and are like rebooting the body to reset metabolism, inflammation and immunity. This reboot benefits the entire body, clearing brain fog, repairing gut dysbiosis and more.

A Curious Clinician
Dr. Andrey practices his belief that a curious clinician is a good one by learning new techniques. He continues to attend various medical conferences and workshops worldwide, where he collaborates with experts in modern alternative medicine. Dr. Andrey is certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine. He is an active member of multiple medical societies, including the American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine, International Fellowship in Advanced Aesthetic Science and Academy of Regenerative Practices. Dr. Andrey’s latest addition to the scope of his practice is integrative oncology, having completed a course on it last year.

He is always eager to add new modern approaches that can benefit his patients. “I do a dozen and more things to help people,” he says. “I am always curious about how to help people better.”

Developing Long-Term Relationships
The patient/practitioner relationship is crucial to effective regenerative medicine because people are multifaceted beings. Dr. Andrey says, “Medicine is supposed to be intimate, a special relationship between the practitioner and the person who is sick. If they have perfect attachment and chemistry, it works. With each patient, I’ve found an individual approach to help them.”

He spends time understanding patients, including their medical history, complete experience of symptoms, life events, family, religious or spiritual practice, what they do for work and in their spare time, lab findings and physical examination findings. Dr. Andrey believes knowing about and helping patients from all angles enable successful long-term treatment. He says, “Get to the root cause of their pain. Find out what must be the best way.”

Reciprocating in Relationships
In addition to educating himself on his patients, he educates patients. For example, he describes modalities that can help specific problems, even if it takes hours.

The relationship is not only established to make the patient happy. He says, “I like to be more complex with my patients and make sure everything is taken care of. I want to see my patients happy. When I solve their problem, I’m happy too.”

American Regenerative Clinic offers a variety of services, all in one place, to all patients who trust and listen to the physician and take time to restore their health and restore themselves entirely. Dr. Andrey says, “Regenerative medicine is simply the most advanced and promising field. It is the medicine of the future.” Ready to regenerate health? Visit AmericanRegen.com to learn more about the clinic’s many tools and capabilities.

American Regenerative Clinic is located at 31000 Telegraph Rd., Ste. 140, Bingham Farms. For more information or an appointment, call 248-876-4242, visit their website: AmericanRegen.com.

Darla Nagel is a Michigan-based editor/writer for Natural Awakenings of East Michigan.

  • Issue: June 2024


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